Who’s Yehuda Grundman?

Yehuda Grundman is a former construction inspector that “unexpectedly” ran into the world of Kabbalah about 30 years ago.
As a result of the wisdom that he acquired he changed his career from External Engineering to Internal Engineering and became “The Life Coach” at the Creation Project 2.0, specialising in helping people to discover & better connect with their True Purpose in life.
Yehuda provides live and online coaching for professionals & non-professionals around the world helping them to discover how to live a more Purpose Filled and Balanced life!
He has conducted courses & seminars on Introduction to Kabbalah, Foundations of Kabbalah, Kabbalah & Business, Kabbalah & Health and Kabbalah & Relationships & Kabbalistic Meditation.
He has lectured in cities like, Toronto Canada, NY City, Miami FL, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, Tel Aviv, Tokyo Japan & Mexico City.
Yehudah resides in Mexico with his family and travels extensively around the world to spread the Wisdom of Kabbalah to all who desire to learn!